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Call in backup from a pest control company in Duluth, GA

Are you someone who enjoys doing things yourself? You may be able to do many things around the home, but sometimes it helps to call in a professional. If you've been struggling to take care of a pest problem, you may need help from an experienced pest control company.

Tiger Pest Control provides residential and commercial pest control services to residents of Duluth, GA with a focus on friendly customer service. Call today to request help from our team of highly trained professionals.

termite control in DULUTH, GA

They may be small bugs, but they can cause enormous damage.

rodent control in DULUTH, GA

We'll solve your rat, squirrel or mouse problem for good.

pest control in DULUTH, GA

Let us help you take back your home or commercial building.

5 good reasons to choose Tiger Pest Control

If you've been looking for a pest control company in Duluth, GA, you've come to the right place: Here are five good reasons to choose Tiger Pest Control:

  1. Outstanding customer service
  2. 23+ years of experience
  3. High level of professionalism
  4. Competitive prices
  5. Proper licensure and insurance

To learn more about why our customers choose us for residential and commercial pest control services, we invite you to visit our Testimonials page.

Trust us to do what it takes to get rid of pests for good

No one likes dealing with a pest infestation in their home or commercial building. We'll work hard to solve the problem for you once and for all. Choose us for:

Termite control

Rodent control

Organic pest control

You may not be sure exactly which services you need, but our team is happy to help locate the source of the problem. Reach out today to schedule pest control service.